• More than just a tearoom.

    Forget a dark environment full of smoke from water pipes. Bílý jeřáb tearoom is Zen pure, without any useless props and artifacts. The main role is held by tea, guests and hosts. The interior, defies the usual Czech perception of a tearoom, it is appreciated not only by everyday people but also by professionals such as architects, artists and designers.
              In 2008 Bílý jeřáb tea shop was awarded ia. the first prize for interior design in a competition “shop of the year”.
              Come and discover for yourself the charm of the simplicity of the Bílý jeřáb tearoom, the favourite meeting place in the Prague centre.

  • Always the best.

    It does not matter if you buy cheap tea for everyday drinking, as a refreshment at work or expensive tea for festive moments and rituals. Each year we taste tens to even hundreds of samples so we can choose only the best teas of the season. A purchase in the Bílý jeřáb tearoom always brings you the guarantee of the highest quality for your money.

    You will never buy a tea which we would not drink with pleasure ourselves.

  • Knowledge and professionalism.

    Experience, knowledge and professionalism represent the main characteristic of the Bílý jeřáb tearoom. We are not the makers of tea myths, nor storytellers of adventurous traveller's tales. Our energy is devoted to work.
              We travel and meet with tea masters, families and traditions. We endeavour to understand the proper technology, history and culture of tea. None of the founders or workers of the Bílý jeřáb tearoom has ever lost the our most important belief which we want to share with you:
              Love to work - love to tea.

  • Respect for tradition.

    The selection of teas offered in the Bílý jeřáb tearoom mainly consists of “own” assortment obtained directly from the growers, families and tea masters, with whom we have established not only a business relationship, but also friendships. Bílý jeřáb primarily cooperates with small top suppliers of tea, for whom the quality and not the quantity of their tea is important.

    Family tradition, craft and the art of tea passed on from generation to generation are the source of absolutely unique teas, and we can guarantee their quality.

  • Good tea - good food.

    Modern vegetarian and vegan cuisine is an inseparable part of the Bílý jeřáb tearoom. Each day, we offer a daily menu with tea most suitable for the specific food. We also prepare a wide range of tea sweets and desserts in order to please your taste buds and intensify your delight from the tea. Everything is homemade, prepared from fresh and finest ingredients with as much care as possible.

    We follow the motto “Less is more”.

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  • Eshop.

    The Bílý jeřáb eshop is working again! New design and even easier shopping system will please all lovers of quality tea. If you cannot visit our tearoom directly, just click here ...
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  • Tearoom.

    The Bílý jeřáb tearoom is located in Prague's Smíchov - the centre of the left bank of the Vltava river. You can find us a few minutes walk from the busy intersection at the Shopping centre
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  • Tea services.

    Bílý jeřáb offers not only a pleasant environment and chance to buy tea and accessories, but also arranges lectures and degustations to the public. For professionals in the tea branch and gastronomy we offer training
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